Meet the Team: Suzan Obehi

Discover how Suzan's journey in pre-medicine paved the way for her transition into the senior care technology industry.

Meet senior sales development representative, Suzan Obehi. Suzan's professional journey spans across diverse fields, from healthcare to technology, providing her with a rich tapestry of experiences. Suzan's background in pre-medicine endowed her with a deep understanding of the challenges and obstacles in today’s senior care facilities.

An instant connection

Suzan started her journey with Jubo in 2023, she was immediately drawn to the company’s vision and knew that her area of expertise could help further Jubo’s mission.

“I wanted to work somewhere that integrated all my different passions and, aspects about myself. At Jubo, our impact is really felt, and we’re able to make a change.”

In Suzan, you'll discover far more than just an experienced professional; she’s a dedicated advocate committed to empowering our clients and propelling the forefront of senior care innovation forward. Her pursuit of excellence, coupled with an unwavering dedication to ensuring client success, renders her an indispensable asset to our team.

At the heart of Suzan's approach lies a commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by our clients. She values the art of active listening, recognizing that genuine empathy and attentiveness are paramount in uncovering the underlying pain points that our clients grapple with daily. By prioritizing this client-centric approach, Suzan fosters a culture of trust and collaboration, laying the groundwork for partnerships built on respect and understanding.

“I’m with the client first to recommend the best possible solution, that’s my goal. I’m trying to improve their business processes; being knowledgeable about the industry and the challenges, I can bring empathy and understanding for where our clients are coming from.”

Suzan feels that culture of trust and collaboration within the team at Jubo.

“We are such a team of open communication, there's nothing I need that I can't get… this is a very supportive team, you never feel like you’re alone or you're not sure what to do.”

Out of the office

Outside of her professional endeavours, Suzan's passion for knowledge and connection extends into her personal life. An avid reader, she sets herself an ambitious goal to read a new book, of a different theme, every single week. This dedication to lifelong learning not only enriches her own understanding of diverse subjects but also fuels her creativity and broadens her perspective on the world.

Despite her busy schedule, Suzan consistently prioritizes her family. Regardless of the demands of her day, she ensures to make time to connect with her sisters and maintain a close bond with her family members scattered across the globe.

Favourite TV show: The Fall of The House of Usher

Treat of choice: Nigerian red velvet cake

Go-to road trip song: Egwu by Chike and Mohbad

In both her professional and personal life, Suzan embodies a spirit of curiosity, exploration, and connection. Her unwavering dedication to personal growth and her appreciation for connection makes her a valued member of Jubo. Thank you, Suzan, for sharing your journey and insights with us!

This article is part of our Meet the Team series. Interested in learning more about what it's like working at Jubo? Visit our careers page to learn about our team's mission to transform senior care through innovation and technology.

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