Finally, manual charting is a thing of the past.

Senior care administrators know that vital sign monitoring is critical to their resident's health.

Discover how Jubo's VitalLink vitals monitoring solution empowers senior care teams to care for residents confidently, ensures data quality and compliance, improves clinical health outcomes, enhances workflows, and helps to provide a better senior care experience.


Spend less time on paperwork, more time caregiving.

Staffing shortages, antiquated systems, and a lack of time and resources are increasingly causing strain on caregivers. That's why Jubo created VitalLink, to ensure data quality and compliance, improve clinical outcomes, and improve workflows. No more paperwork required.

  • Data Assurance

  • Better Clinical Outcomes

  • Optimized Workflow

  • Integrated Solution


Peace of mind with secure, accurate clinical data

Ensure data quality and compliance by eliminating manual charting of vital records. VitalLink securely syncs residents’ vitals data to your PointClickCare® electronic health record system, ensuring records match what the clinical equipment reports.


Accurate data and real-time alerts help improve clinical outcomes

VitalLink allows you to chart vitals without risk of manual data entry error, set automated thresholds and protocol reminders, and receive real-time alerts so your care team can respond quickly, improving clinical outcomes.


Save 57%* more time by optimizing workflows

Configure VitalLink to your facility's workflow needs in minutes so your team can start monitoring in no time at all. Easily track your residents' temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, weight, pain and take progress notes without time-consuming paperwork.


Quick, secure integration with PointClickCare®

We're an approved partner on the PointClickCare® Marketplace. VitalLink exclusively integrates with PointClickCare®, which means you can get started in a few easy steps. And, our Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way.


Results that count



time saved*

per measurement



cost saved

per measurement



hours saved

per month*

*Based on a 120-bed facility,
20 vital sign measurements per resident, per month.


Get started with VitalLink


Measure vitals with a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight devices that sync data directly to the VitalLink App.


From the VitalLink App, review resident data and receive real-time alerts to quickly respond to abnormalities.

Add pain and infection symptoms, and take progress notes by typing or voice transcription. Records will instantly sync with PointClickCare®.


From the VitalLink Web portal, receive real-time alerts, set thresholds and protocol reminders facility-wide or by individual residents, and optionally verify vital measurements before uploading to PointClickCare®.

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What our customers say

Our residents choose to live with us because they know we will provide them with the best care. Our care aides rely on VitalLink to improve workflow to spend more time caregiving.

VitalLink lets us quickly capture accurate vital measurements and syncs with our EHR to provide a holistic view of our resident’s health data. No more manual data entry!

VitalLink has helped us become more effective and efficient with our work, making one aspect of our day less stressful and giving us more time to care for our residents.


Connected care with PointClickCare®

Fast, secure data integration, without extra work.

We've partnered with PointClickCare® to provide Marketplace customers with third-party technology solutions that complement and seamlessly integrate with their electronic health record systems. Jubo’s connected senior care solutions securely sync resident data with PointClickCare®, ensuring efficient data and information flow between care providers and resident families without creating extra work for care teams.


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What you can expect:

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✓   Discover how VitalLink can quickly & easily be implemented in your senior care facility.

✓   Learn about our customized training & onboarding process.

✓   Request pricing & a custom quote.

✓   Get started with a 2-month free trial, risk-free!


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