Meet the Team: Dalyce Skelton

Discover how Dalyce's passion for advancing healthcare steered her towards the senior care technology industry.

Meet sales development representative, Dalyce Skelton. Dalyce brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our team. Her experience in the health science and rehabilitation industries has been instrumental in shaping her perspective and approach. Through her hands-on experience, she brings with her insight into the complexities of senior care facilities, understanding the intricate dynamics that impact both residents and staff alike.

A lifelong passion

Dalyce's fascination for the human body is not just an interest but a driving force that has propelled her towards a career path dedicated to enhancing healthcare and improving the lives of others.

“The human body and its capabilities are a big passion of mine. I've always wanted to contribute to the advancement of healthcare.”

This passion serves as the cornerstone of her journey with Jubo, Dalyce is driven to leverage her knowledge to further Jubo’s mission; to enhance the quality of life for seniors and improve clinical, business, and operational performance for our customers.

In doing this Dalyce has found that growing up during the transition from the analog to the digital age has shaped her perspective, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the advancing power of technology.

“I was on the cusp of the end of the analog and the start of the digital age. So now coming into the technology field and seeing all the advancements. I really wanted to dive into that… it's so exciting, and I want to be part of that.”

Dalyce has found that same drive and commitment within the team at Jubo.

“The tech industry is always moving so quickly, and we are constantly making advancements… I’ve seen such huge changes, and it comes from the collaboration of so many different backgrounds forming one open-minded team.”

Out of the office

Outside of her professional pursuits, Dalyce makes it a priority to carve out quality time with her family. She finds joy in spending time with her daughter, often escaping to the beach. For Dalyce, watching her daughter explore the world is a reminder of embracing the joys of discovery and learning.

Alongside these beach adventures, Dalyce is committed to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether at the gym or immersing herself in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of her surroundings in Vancouver, Canada, Dalyce’s dedication to wellness reflects her passion for the human body and improving the lives of others.

Favourite TV show: Ray Donovan

Treat of choice: Dark chocolate cake with raspberry coulis

Go-to road trip song: Provenza by Karol G

As a highly regarded member of our team, Dalyce is committed to leveraging her expertise to drive positive change within the senior care industry. Her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of seniors and enhancing the quality of care reflects Jubo’s mission to make a meaningful impact for seniors and those who care for them. Thank you, Dalyce, for sharing your journey and insights with us!

This article is part of our Meet the Team series. Interested in learning more about what it's like working at Jubo? Visit our careers page to learn about our team's mission to transform senior care through innovation and technology.

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