Meet the Team: Nicole Pelletier

Discover what propelled senior sales development representative, Nicole Pelletier, to continue her career in the senior care technology sector.


Meet senior sales development representative, Nicole Pelletier. Nicole plays a crucial part in propelling Jubo forward with over three decades of experience across several sectors under her belt. She excels at cultivating and nurturing client relationships, shaping sales strategies, and fostering team collaboration.

Taking the tech leap

Since joining the Jubo team two years ago, Nicole quickly became an invaluable member, bringing a wealth of experience in sales and business development. Throughout her time with Jubo, Nicole's dedication to understanding the unique challenges the North American senior care industry faces, coupled with her understanding of Jubo’s solutions and how they can remedy these issues, sets her apart.

Nicole’s decision to join Jubo exemplifies her forward-thinking mindset. “I have always wanted to be on the forefront of technology... I want to be part of what the next big breakthrough will be.”

This thirst for innovation has endowed her with an incredible ability to understand and simplify the complexities of new technological advancements, making them palatable and accessible for clients.

“When I’m introducing new technology to senior care homes, I can bridge the gap... and explain our solutions in a way that makes it less intimidating for clients who are not as tech-savvy or those who struggle with change management.”

With the team at Jubo, Nicole observes a remarkable commitment to progress. “What impresses me about our team is how everyone is so willing to contribute. We're all constantly striving to improve the industry in our own way. Whether it’s behind the scenes or on the front line, we're all working towards making life better for senior care residents and staff.”

Out of the office

Beyond the professional realm, Nicole dabbles in an array of interests and talents that define her multi-faceted personality. From being an avid reader and baking enthusiast to having an affinity for Britbox, Nicole’s passions are diverse.

Nicole brings laughter to the forefront as a seasoned stand-up comedian, using her infectious humour to bring light to everyday situations reflects not only her comedic prowess but also her keen observation of the absurdities and quirks of life. Despite her busy schedule, Nicole prioritizes family time and actively participates in her local cinema group.

Nicole's ability to effortlessly balance these diverse interests speaks volumes about her versatility and the vibrant energy she brings to both her professional and personal life. 

Favourite TV show: Battle of the Network Stars
Treat of choice: A raspberry chocolate cupcake from Cocoa Tree Bake Shoppe
Go-to road trip song: Enter Sandman by Metallica

We look forward to Nicole’s future at Jubo, as her dynamic personality, commitment to constant learning, and immense experience continue to be a priceless asset as Jubo navigates through the evolving landscape of senior care.

This article is part of our Meet the Team series. Interested in learning more about what it's like working at Jubo? Visit our careers page to learn about our team's mission to transform senior care through innovation and technology.

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