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We understand the documentation and compliance hurdles Senior Care Providers face.

VitalLink, your All-In-One Vitals Monitoring Solution helps you overcome those challenges. More than vitals — it's purpose-driven tech ensuring data accuracy with Bluetooth, precise documentation, and seamless integration with your existing EHR system.

Discover how VitalLink can transform your senior care quality today.


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Measure your resident's vital signs using Bluetooth monitoring devices, which seamlessly sync data to the VitalLink application.


From the VitalLink application, review residents' data and receive real-time alerts. Manage assessments, add pain and infection symptoms, weight, height, add notes by voice-to-text, and more. Data instantly syncs with your existing EHR system.


From the VitalLink Web portal, receive real-time alerts, set thresholds and protocol reminders facility-wide or by individual residents, and optionally verify data before bulk uploading to your existing EHR system.


Spend less time on paperwork, more time caregiving

Staffing shortages, outdated systems, and limited time and resources is putting pressure on caregivers leaving less time for direct care of residents. VitalLink allows caregivers to work more efficiently, ensuring data accuracy and precise documentation, and regulatory compliance, and improve clinical outcomes.


Real-Time Alerts & Accurate Data for Better Results

VitalLink uses Bluetooth devices to ensure data accuracy. Manage assessments and protocols, monitor pain and weight, add progress notes and more — and get real-time alerts to improve clinical outcomes.


Work More Efficiently, Focus on Care

Say goodbye to manual documentation and dealing with outdated systems. VitalLink increases accuracy, ensures regulatory compliance, and streamlines workflows, leaving your caregivers to focus on what they do best — caring.


Secure, Accurate Clinical Data Assurance

Ensure seamless quality assurance and compliance with ease. VitalLink is PIPA, PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant, securely syncing your resident's data with your PointClickCare® system.


Hassle-Free Integration with Your EHR System

Getting started with VitalLink is easy. From integration with your EHR system to training your staff, our Customer Experience team will support you every step of the way.


What customers say about VitalLink


Our residents choose to live with us because they know we will provide them with the best care. Our care aides rely on VitalLink to improve workflow to spend more time on direct care.

VitalLink lets us quickly capture accurate vital measurements and syncs with our EHR to provide a holistic view of our resident’s health data. No more manual data entry!

VitalLink has helped us become more effective and efficient with our work, making one aspect of our day less stressful and giving us more time to care for our residents.


Eliminate duplicate and conflicting resident data

Alleviate your care teams from updating multiple systems with a solution that integrates with your current EHR system. Create consistency across all departments with one source of truth for resident data.


Your all-in-one solution for monitoring your residents' health

Elevate your senior living communities' quality with an all-in-one solution to monitor your residents' health accurately and reliably. More than vitals, VitalLink also manages assessments, protocols, progress notes, monitor pain, blood glucose, weight and more — seamlessly integrating with your existing EHR system.
Take a closer look at some of the key features that set VitalLink apart.


Quick and accurate measurements

VitalLink utilizes Bluetooth device precision for quick and accurate data, streamlining the management of vitals measurements with real-time alerts for improved clinical outcomes. 


Personalized pain evaluation

With VitalLink, you can measure discomfort on a scale from 1 to 10, giving residents the power to express their pain level clearly, or utilize the PAINAD scale, providing caregivers with the necessary resources to precisely assess and meet the needs of individuals who cannot voice their pain.


Easily monitor weight changes

Effortlessly track resident weight changes and early health risk indicators with Bluetooth wheelchair scales. VitalLink automates variance analysis from the last record, eliminating manual calculations and increasing precision. Talk to Sales for information on Bluetooth wheelchair scales.


Efficiently enhance care plans

Seamlessly incorporate progress notes to monitor health changes, behavioural adjustments, and therapeutic reactions over time. Access the critical data you need to enhance care plans, ensuring that every decision is based on the most recent, detailed understanding.


Proactive health monitoring

Stay proactive in managing health crises by implementing personalized health check protocols and receiving real-time alerts to prioritize your care teams daily to-do tasks to ensure the safety of your residents and enhance the readiness of your community. 


Streamline care assessments

Streamline early and follow-up neurological evaluations for Head Injury Routine (HIR) assessments for your residents, enhancing the efficiency of the post-fall care protocol for caregivers.


See how VitalLink delivers better results

Discover how VitalLink is revolutionizing senior care for our satisfied customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which EHR systems are compatible?

VitalLink is compatible with PointClickCare® EHR, in addition to other EHR systems. Talk to Sales to learn more.

Are there integrations or compatibility requirements?

All Bluetooth-enabled vital sign measurement devices are compatible.
To activate VitalLink with PointClickCare®, you must have active PointClickCare® Marketplace subscription. If you use a different EHR system, talk to Sales to learn how integration works.
You must have WiFi availability to sync records with your EHR. However, if your WiFi is unstable, don't worry — data will continue to upload into VitalLink via Bluetooth, and records will sync with your EHR system when WiFi becomes available.

Is technical support available?

Yes! Getting started with VitalLink is quick and easy, but should you need it, we're here for you.
To guarantee a perfect fit with your current setup, our customer support team will work closely with your team to assess any specific requirements and custom configurations needed.
In addition to initial setup, we provide ongoing technical support and resources. Whether it’s troubleshooting a technical issue or assisting with new feature updates, our dedicated support team is committed to providing timely and effective solutions.

Is onboarding and training support provided?

Yes! Jubo emphasizes comprehensive support and training to facilitate a smooth transition to VitalLink. We provide tailored training sessions for different roles, ensuring users are confident from day one.
Ongoing training and resources on new features and customizable options are available. Our support team is dedicated to providing timely solutions. This dual approach ensures your facility can maximize VitalLink, enhancing care delivery and operational efficiency.

What security and compliance standards are in place for resident data confidentiality?

Jubo prioritizes resident data confidentiality and security by maintaining the highest standards of data protection. We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring stringent encryption, access controls, and regular audits to safeguard resident information.

  • Data Encryption: All resident data in VitalLink is encrypted to ensure security.
  • Access Controls: Only authorized personnel with defined permissions can access data.
  • Compliance Audits: Regular checks are conducted to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our VitalLink platform is intricately designed to protect resident information through end-to-end encryption, strict access controls, and routine security audits. Count on VitalLink for secure data handling. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can the platform be customized to our community's unique workflows or needs?

Yes! VitalLink offers customization options to align the platform with your organization's specific requirements. Our flexible architecture allows for adapting features like pain assessment protocols, assessments and care plan templates, ensuring our system enhances your established processes.
Our team collaborates closely with your staff to identify areas for custom functionalities that improve efficiency and care delivery. VitalLink can also tailors alerts to your operational protocols, ensuring adaptability to your needs. This commitment to customization drives our mission to exceed your expectations and make VitalLink an integral part of your care delivery strategy.

How much does it cost?

Investing in VitalLink means partnering with an innovative solution that enhances senior care quality and streamlines operations. We offer transparent pricing tailored to your community's needs. Our goal is to make VitalLink integration affordable and valuable for improved efficiency and satisfaction.
Talk to Sales to request a quote and discuss package options.

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